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mm! Street Food

Everything started more than 30 years ago with the historical butchery of the Family Marino, whose restaurant and street food stand is run by Carmelo and Gaetano.

Among the best food, there is a fish burger with tuna and yogurt sauce, salad, tomato, and provola, or the hot dog made of fish, with caciocavallo of Ragusa, red onion sweet and sour, or the ciabatta with tuna carpaccio and mozzarella burrata. There are also the famous arancini in white rice with fried fish.

Linked to the island, you can find good wine and beer, everything made in Sicily.

mm! Street Food – Catania - via Pardo, 26 - 095 348897 Fishiaria Quality food and Cocktail - Catania - via Riccioli, 4/6 - 095 6179932


In the heart of the historical center of Catania, the project of Giuseppe D'Aquino and Cristina Messina was born. You can find the sandwich with raw tuna, tomato, chips, stracciatella, bacon, and cream of basil, or you can also find the hot dog of octopus, nduja, rucola, black cabbage, and tomato.  One of the most delicious sandwiches is surely the gourmet one with raw king prawns, mayonnaise of avocado, rucola, and bacon, or the one with anchovies, salad, tuma, and pistachio.

There are also other dishes, such as the plate with mixed fish, tartare of gilthead, seabass, salmon, tuna, and swordfish; carpaccio of ish but also ceviche of salmon with mango, orange, mint, and almond. 

Scirocco, Sicilian Fish Lab

Scirocco, Sicilian Fish Lab, is a restaurant that was born by an old butchery in front of the fish market, and today it took back its kiosk with tables outside. Fried squids, shrimps, sepias, anchovies wrapped in traditional straw paper, but also arancini of fish, sarde cooked "a beccafico", baccalà balls and little shrimps. Simple dishes, but fresh fish cooked according to the Sicilian tradition.

Scirocco, Sicilian Fish Lab – Catania - piazza Alonzo di Benedetto 7 - 095 8365148 - 328 9237 991-  

Anchovy Fish Bar

Not far from Catania, in Acitrezza, there is another place where you can eat fish cooked the Sicilian way. You can find arancini of fish with squid ink and buffalo ricotta, or the classical "coppi" of paranza and fried fish. The Anchovy burger is a burger of anchovies, caramelized onion, cream of caciocavallo and wild fennel sauce. There is also the burger with tuna and toasted pistachio and onions of Giarratana. The Chef is Danilo De Pietra, but also Andrea Rosa, the owner of the restaurant.

Anchovy Fish Bar – Aci Castello (CT) - via Provvidenza - 095 711 6047


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