More than 3 km of tunnels

They are much appreciated for their crystalline concretions, their surprising dimensions, the colors and the shapes. They are 40km far from Bari and 78km from Brindisi. The caves have been shaped by a river who was passing there. They were created circa a hundred million years ago, and they reach a depth of 125 meters from the surface. The temperature is the same the whole year, between 15° and 18°, with a humidity rate of 90%.

The discovery

In 1938, the provincial body managers for tourism asked the Italian Institute of Speleology an intervention of a professional in order to make an inspection in that zone. The caves were discoverede in 1938 by Franco Anelli, who brought it to light two years after the first findings. It's 3km of tunnels, which are accessible thanks to two paths.

The visits and the paths

The caves can be visited during the whole year: after a visit, you can walk a path easily to reach. According to your time and possibilities, you can choose between two paths: an entire or a partial one. The first one is 3km long and it takes 120 minutes, the other is 1km long for 40 minutes. Among colossal stalagmites and wide caves, a unique place is Grotta Bianca, considered the most shining in the world thanks to its color.

Many others deserve attention: the one of the Altar, the Dome and the one of the crib. The different names are the result of the fantasy of the first explorers, who were seeing different shapes.

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