Liguria is a coastal region and it offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. It overlooks the Ligurian Sea where there are three gulfs: the Gulf of La Spezia, the one of Genova and the one of Tigullio.

The Ligurian coast can be divided into two rivieras, Riviera di Levante and Riviera di Ponente, where there are beautiful coastal areas such as Cinque Terre and Riviera dei Fiori. Despite many of the beaches, especially the ones in Riviera di Levante, are rocky and jagged, it is possible to find wonderful sandy beaches.

Anyway, Liguria offers breathtaking views, from UNESCO World Heritage Sites as Cinque Terre to bays where time didn’t pass, from blue shores by the sea to picturesque panoramas surrounded by nature.

Ligurian beaches are an entire world to discover; in this article, you can find a guide with the best ones:

Beach of Maramozza, Lerici (SP)

The beach is located in the Gulf of Poets in the city of Lerici, and it offers turquoise and limpid water, which serve as a background to the local castle.

Beach of Paraggi, Santa Margherita Ligure (GE)

Between Rapallo and Portofino there is a cove of white sand and emerald water, so clear that it is possible to admire the seabed life.

Beach of Fegina, Monterosso al Mare (SP)

Monterosso is one of the most famous towns of Cinque Terre, where one of the fewest sandy beaches of Riviera di Levante can be found. The beach of Fegina is characterized by golden sand grains and an emerald shore by the sea.

Bay of Silence, Sestri Levante (GE)

Bay of Silence is one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, and it is framed with colorful houses, turquoise water, and a golden beach: a postcard. So beautiful is the bay that it used to be often visited by eminent people, such as Lord Byron and Goethe.

Beach of San Fruttuoso, Camogli (GE)

The beach of San Fruttuoso is located near Genova, in the Regional Natural Park of Portofino. It is a small rocky beach with limpid water and a beautiful landscape, whose value is given by the presence of San Fruttuoso Abbey and Doria Tower.

Beach of Bergeggi (SV)

The beach of Bergeggi is situated on Riviera di Ponente, in the Regional Natural Reserve of Ponente Ligure. The sand is as white as snow and the water is crystal-clear; it is also famous for the Island of Bergeggi, a cape of calcareous rock that is the perfect place for scuba diving.

Bay of Saracens, Varigotti (SV)

Bay of Saracens is located in Varigotti, a small village near Finale Ligure. It is one of the fewest Ligurian beaches with golden sand alongside with clear water and houses colored in pastel tones.

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