The spread of coffee in Napoli

Ironically, the city of Napoli started loving and spreading coffe much later than other European cities. There are many theories concerning how coffee arrived in the city; one of the most reliable theories is linked to the figure of Maria Carolina D'Asburgo-Lorena, wife of Ferdinand of Bourbon, who brought the coffee ritual from Wien. Initially, coffee was drunk in Naples only by èlite, but at the beginning of 1800 it started spreading.

The cuccumella

The cuccumella played an important role in the spread of coffee in Napoli. It was invented by the French Morize in 1819, and it was then spread in all of Italy. It is used as an instrument to prepare coffee at home, based on a system with two filters, replacing the Turkish system, based on infusion. In 1900, it was then replaced by Moka, which is used nowadays.

The secret of Neapolitan coffee

What is the secret of Neapolitan coffee? What's the ingredient that makes it one of the most famous coffee in the world? According to some people, the success of Neapolitan coffee comes from its toasting, others think it depends on water, others also on the Moka. The real reason is still unknown, but surely Napoli has taken coffee and made it its own success, turning it into a cult and an unforgettable experience.

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