Torino is a city that every year hosts many visitors that are different from each other, thanks to its differentiated offer of attractions.

In the Savoy city, there are many activities to do with your kids, since there are many museums. Most of them are precisely thought for kids, others are not but they are still a point of interest. In fact, Torino is a city that pays so much attention to kids’ needs, that in 2007 it earned first place in the list of “Ecosistema Bambino” by Legambiente.

In this article, you will find a list of activities to do with your kids in Torino, thanks to which they will learn while having fun.

National Museum of Cinema

The National Museum of Cinema is located in the symbol of Torino, inside the Mole Antonelliana, so it’s already worth a visit. Moreover, inside the museum, you can explore different film genres through their sets. Firstly, kids will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the setting, get in giant fridges, and sit at a typical Turin old bar. Secondly, they will go up an elevator that is suspended in the void.

Parco del Valentino and the Medieval Village

Parco del Valentino is the green area of Torino, where you can relax on the grass or walk along the river Po. In addition to that, you can also go back in time: at the center of the park, there is a reproduction of a medieval village.

It is an outdoor museum of medieval architecture, overlooking the river, as it was realized on the occasion of the Italian Exhibition in 1884.

In the village there is a reproduction of the urban environment, the furniture, the decorative arts of late medieval Piedmont. There are even artisan shops where you can buy armors and swords. Lastly, the castle has been built on the model of Piedmontese old castles, and its interiors are fascinating and detailed.

Egyptian Museum in Torino

The Egyptian Museum in Torino is the second biggest and most important in the world after the one in Cairo. It is entirely dedicated to Egyptian culture and art, where kids will have the opportunity to discover this population through guided tours planned especially for them. There is also space where kids can play thematic games while adults enjoy a visit inside the museum.

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Royal Palace and Park of Venaria Reale

The Park of Venaria Reale is the ideal place to have a picnic with your family. They will play in nature, as it is very big with the Alps in the background. Furthermore, in the park, there are many installations for kids, such as a pavilion showing old games. Kids can also discover the real palace and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of kings and queens.

Museo A come Ambiente

Museo A come Ambiente (MAcA) is the first museum in Europe entirely dedicated to environmental issues. It was created especially for kids and schools, with the aim of educating and raising awareness on this topic. For example, there is an educational path focused on daily life issues, such as water usage, recycling, food waste, and transportation. As a result, kids will have the opportunity to learn everything thanks to the specific installations.

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Infini.TO, the Planetarium

Infini.TO is the Planetarium in Torino, located on a hill outside the city, and it is among the most advanced in Europe. Here, kids will have the chance to learn about stars and the universe, while looking at the projections on the roof. Moreover, there is also the Museum of Astronomy and Space, where they will learn the basics of astronomy through interactive paths, experiments and projections.

National Automobile Museum

The National Automobile Museum is a museum that is suitable for both adults and kids. Usually, children love this place because they can look at different types of cars, with their strange shapes and colors. There is also a carousel that reproduces the production line.

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March 18th, 2021