On the contrary, we asked people who love/know/live Palermo to suggest their personal top places, things, persons not to miss in the city.

Palermo by Sinikka

Streets and alleys of Palermo:

I can’t get enough of walking in Palermo. Staring at the varied architecture, listening to the clips of conversations (just the tone of them), smiling back to curious and friendly faces… and suddenly – a flash of green wings and a scream of a parrot!

Market places:

Just dive into a real dealing and get ready for making a fool of yourself – and don’t get it so seriously if you put your fingers to the wrong places and get some strict looks from the market salesmen.

Bar Touring

In Piazzetta Porta Reale (Via Lincoln), very friendly staff and 10+ Sicilian style “snacks” like arancinos and pepitos etc.

Panineria Focacceria

Close to Piazza Marina (Via Vitt. Emanuele 102), excellent food and very reasonable price.

The public health care

This might come as a surprise… the public health care in Palermo and especially Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Policlinico Paolo Giaccone, Via del Vespro, 129. What a service and nice people!

And the ranks from 6 to 10 go to Sicilian beer ;)

Palermo by Alli

Inquisition prisons

Steri Palace in Piazza Marina. Thousands of tags, drawings, poems cover the walls (first floor of the Steri Palace) of the Philip's prison and of the penitenziati prisons (prisons of penance) in the building next to the Steri. These signs tell the most mysterious and fascinating story of the city, when in Sicily the Steri Palace hosted the Saint Inquisition (1600-1782)

Beati Paoli Square

Behind the Santa Maruzza dei Canceddi Church the entrance point to the Beati Paoli underground hideout is hidden. No sign or poster shows it. But if you walk along the narrow alley of the Orphans (vicolo degli Orfani) you can notice a small walled-up hole. From this point, a long underground way stretched under the palermitan surface, up to Monreale and beyond.

Repentite Crypt

Via Divisi n. 82. The last trace of the Repentite Nunnery, a convent hosting repentant (ree pentite) prostitutes who turned to a saint life. A few years ago this crypt containing their tombs has been discovered.

Art Gallery La Guilla

Via Sant’Agata alla Guilla. The owner is Claudio Pezzilo, a real palermitano from the Capo area, with an immense love for arts. He opened this art gallery in a former stable and here his friends have the opportunity to exhibit their works. The best place to discover the real aspect of the Capo people. Claudio will tell you a lot of funny, interesting and fascinating stories.

Ditirammu theatre

Via Torremuzza n.6, at Petrulla Palace. A small 52 seats theatre. A gem of art and folklore set in one of the more intersting areas of Palermo: the Kalsa.
by Alli Traina


Palermo by Anna Maria

Saturday lunch at the Ferro di Cavallo

Old Trattoria in via Venezia (next to the Theatre Biondo) my favorite dish is polpette di sarde (sardines balls)!

Ice cream at Ilardo

Afternoon, chocolate and strawberry “cono gelato” at Ilardo in via Foro Umberto I…to enjoy sitting on a seafront bench.


Clothes, things, and accessories via Ugdulena, 22 (it crosses via Libertà) a small bazaar in a groundfloor old apartment where you find every sort of thing– “from sardines to airplanes” (as I read once on a sign).

Homemade bread (Pane casereccio)

Homemade bread at the bakery in via Ugdulena, 1 – delicious!

Looking for bargains

Bargains hunting or the dress of dream at Torregrossa in via Gaetano Daita, 9 (close to the Politeama Theatre) small outlet for clothes and accessories (Marras, Watanabe, Comme des Garçons, Marni, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Lanvin and so on) and, once found a bargain, not always buying it...


Vuedù, via Sperlinga, 32 (nearby the Theatre Massimo) even just to give a look to vintage things design, clothes, jewels and - a couple of times a month - vernissages;

Coffee (and brioches)

Coffee at the Spinnato Cafè in via Libertà, 10 (off Via Simone Cuccia). Summertime? “caffè freddo”! Delicious brioches, as well!


Palermo by Andrea Monica


The “stucchi” of Giacomo Serpotta at the Oratorio del Rosario in Santa Cita, opened in 1686 by the rich Compagnia del SS Rosario.

Piazza Marina and the Church of Saint Maria della Catena

The area of Piazza Marina and Villa Garibaldi. Do not miss the corner in which is located the Church of the Catena and the harbor of the Cala.

Spaghetti cozze e vongole

I love pasta with mussels and clams. Among my favorite, the pasta made by the chef of Calogero's in Mondello, the seaside area of Palermo.

Friday night at the Candelai club

Do not forget to pay a visit to the club I Candelai, in a former whorehouse. If you're able to get through the crowd in the Candelai street packed with teenagers and youngsters, on Friday nights from 11 pm you can dance. Immersion in the typical Palermo nightlife.


The coast seen from the Addaura, its rocks going down a sea with turquoise waters.


Palermo by Stefania

S. Maria dello Spasimo Church

One of the most beautiful places in the old Palermo, a magic place with trees inside and from where you can see the sky, where you can find concerts, shows, and exhibitions.

"Renzo Barbera" Stadium

(Viale del Fante), Rosanero football team 'temple', a mix of sport, passion, wonderful goals and a bit of folklore!

“Al Quds”

(Via Garibaldi), Palestinian and vegetarian restaurant owned by Fateh, familiar atmosphere, delicious Kebab and Falafel!!

“Franco u' vastiddaro”

This place is the kingdom of "panino e panelle" in Corso Vittorio Emanuele a few steps from Piazza Marina and the magnificent trees of Villa Garibaldi.


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