Mole Antonelliana

It is a must-see in Torino, as it is the symbol of the city. It was inaugurated in 1888 and it was designed by the famous architect Antonelli. The Mole has a unique shape, which is the result of the nineteenth-century style of Antonelli, as demonstrated by the massive masonry base. It has been the tallest building in the world until 1908, and since 2000, it hosts the National Museum of Cinema, which is the only one of this type in Italy. You can also take the panoramic lift, which will bring you to the top of the building and you will be able to admire the city from above. There are basically three attractions in one!

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The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum in Torino is the oldest museum dedicated to ancient Egypt in the world and it is the second most important one after the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. More than 37.000 artefacts are kept in the museum, which covers a period of time from paleolithic to the Coptic era. The whole museum is dedicated to the Egyptian civilization: you can find papyri, mummies, statues and funerary objects. In 2013, The Times listed the Egyptian Museum of Torino among the 50 most important museums in the world; as Jean-François Champollion used to say: “The road to Memphis and Thebes passes through Torino”.

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Santuario della Consolata

The Santuario della Consolata is a Catholic church, one of the oldest places of worship in Torino. It dates back to the XVII century and it is a masterpiece of Turinese baroque, since it was designed by famous architects such as Guarini, Juvarra and Ceppi.

Parco del Valentino

The Parco del Valentino, also known as Valentino Park, is the lung of the city: a green area and one of the main meeting points for people. Inside the park there are also other attractions, such as the Medieval Castle and Village and the Botanical Gardens. Furthermore, many events often take place here. It is basically the perfect place for a picnic or for relaxing after a long walk.

Royal Palace of Venaria

It used to be one of the residences of the Royal House of Savoy and it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. The Palace was designed by the architect Amedeo di Castellamonte and his project was taken as an idea for the Royal Palace of Versailles. Nowadays it can be visited by tourists and many exhibitions and events often take place in its rooms.

Mount of the Cappuccini monks

It is one of the most romantic spots in the city as it offers a sight of Torino from above: the view is even better at the sunset. The mount of the Cappuccini monks is a must-see in Torino, especially if you're travelling in sweet company. 

The squares

In Torino there are many squares, most of which host beautiful palaces and churches. Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Piazza Castello and Piazza San Carlo must be visited at any cost. Sitting in those squares and drinking a coffee or a traditional Bicerin is a wonderful way to relax yourself.


Aperitivo was born in Torino more than 200 years ago: the typical one is Vermouth, which is also a registered geographical indication. In general, aperitivo is an alcoholic drink which is drunk before every meal in order to stimulate the appetite. It is usually served with cold cuts, cheese and bagna cauda, a traditional Turinese dish. If you go to Torino, you can’t miss the aperitivo!

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