The area of Lake Garda has a very varied cuisine, as it includes the culinary traditions of Lombardy, Veneto, and Trentino. The main ingredients are the ones that can be found in nature, such as lake fishes, olive oil, and excellent wines.

In this article, you will find a list of typical dishes from Lake Garda, the most loved ones that you must try during your stay in the area.

Grilled lake whitefish

This is one of the most representative dishes of the cuisine: lake whitefish, a species that can be found in Garda lake, is first dipped in oil, and later grilled with some spices. It is usually served with a very good wine of the area, Chiaretto.

Grilled sardines alla gardesana

Sardines, with their peculiar taste, are the ideal fish for grilling. They are first floured, then dipped in oil, and grilled. They are served with garlic and parsley.

Pike in sauce

Pike in the sauce is a typical dish from Lake Garda. It is boiled with laurel, onion, garlic, oil and vinegar, then covered with a sauce made with capers, anchovies and parsley. It is usually served with grilled polenta.

Risotto with tench

Tench is a typical fish in the waters of Lake Garda, whose meat is perfect for preparing sauces. In fact, the sauce is prepared with tench, sauté, and cinnamon. Later, rice is added and it’s cooked with broth.

Perch with butter and sage

Perch is one of the most loved fishes from Lake Garda, as it can be declined in various ways. Among the best recipes, there is the one with butter and sage. In fact, it adds “a bit of mountain” to a fish-based recipe. Perch is first floured, then cooked in a pan with butter and sage. It is usually served with potatoes and Chiaretto, a typical wine from Garda.


Strangolapreti is a type of pasta that comes from the tradition of Trentino. The recipe consists of little gnocchi made with spinach, Grana Padano, and eggs. In some parts, they are aromatized with butter and sage as well.

Bleak in carpione with grilled polenta

Carpione is a very prestigious fish that can be found only in Lake Garda. Its meat is very delicious and it has a high nutritional value. So, it’s the most prestigious lake fish in the world and it has a delicate taste.

This recipe is very old, it dates back to the Renaissance. Carpione is cooked in a pan with vinegar, onions, laurel and celery. Later it’s added on bleak, which is floured and fried. Everything is served with grilled polenta.

Garda typical wine

Garda’s wine tradition is very old, as it dates back to the ancient Romans. Thanks to its geography, the area is very fertile for vineyards and wine production. The wine that best symbolizes Garda is Bardolino, a light red wine that goes basically with everything. Other red wines are Groppello and Garda Merlot.

The most famous rosée wine is Bardolino Chiaretto, often drunk with fish, as well as Garda Classico Chiaretto.

Moreover, like white wines, you can find Bianco di Custoza and Lugana, which are usually drunk with fish-based dishes and cheese.

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July 22nd, 2021