This sauce is known all over the world, it has become one of the symbols of Genova. The origins of Pesto are the heritage of the city and its inhabitants: a lot of varieties are made, but the most popular one is made of basil of Prà. Typically Pesto is prepared with pasta, but it can be also found on bread or on bruschetta. The best kind of pasta to cook pesto with is trofie, which are typical of the place, but gnocchi and testaroli are a good alternative as well.

Pansoti with nut sauce

It is a special kind of pasta with the shape of a triangle, it is filled with vegetables and dressed in nut sauce and cream. It can be filled with spinaches or beet, and eggs, Parmigiano, or ricotta can be added. For the sauce, ricotta is used as well.

Fried squids and anchovies

You can taste this delicious food in the historical center, that's where the best chip shops are. One of the characteristics of squids and anchovies foil is its lightness, as the tradition wants.


Another delicious dish linked to the sea is stockfish: it is served as a casserole accompanied by olives and pine nuts. In restaurants, this dish is called "stoccafisso accompagnato" (accompanied stockfish)

Focaccia and cheese

According to tradition, this dish was born in Recco, but it has become an integral component of Genoese cuisine. It has many varieties and it has been recognized by IGP. In the past, it used to be a poor dish prepared with a few ingredients, but in 1800 it has been added to the menus of some Genoese restaurants and it used to be served only at the beginning of November. Since the 50s, it has been sold in every period, in order to implement tourism. Nowadays, Focaccia can be found also in bakeries, as it is becoming part of street food, too.


It is very easy to cook, as it is made of chickpea flour and oil and it's cooked in the oven. The most important characteristics are crunchiness and thinness, but inside it has to be soft. It's typical street food, usually, it's also eaten with Focaccia.

Vegetable pies

As in every city, even in Genova it's possible to find vegetable pies, which can be mainly found in the so-called "Sciamadde". The most famous one is surely the Easter pie, which is made with beet, peas, and artichokes.

Genoese Cima

It is a typical meat dish: a part of the veal is prepared with peas, eggs, pine nuts, and herbs. It is mainly eaten as an appetizer and it represents one of the excellences of the Genoese cuisine.


In the historical center of Genova, there are "tripperie", which are restaurants in which this dish is served. It consists of entrails of cows that are properly washed and cooked with tomato sauce. It's cooked very slowly, it can sometimes take even 3 hours. Trippa is sometimes cooked also with bacon and potatoes but the traditional one is the one with tomato sauce.


The Genoese Focaccia is a well-known dish in Genova and it's eaten in different ways: breakfast, snack, appetizer, and so on. The traditional one is 1cm tall and it's golden on the surface. Flour, water, olive oil, salt and brewer's yeast are the main ingredients. Usually, Focaccia can be also eaten with olives, onions, or cherry tomatoes.

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