Torino is a very important city in matters of history and art. In fact, it hosts some of the most important museums in Italy, such as the Egyptian Museum and the National Museum of Cinema. The city center is full of many palaces that were built over the centuries, making the city the perfect destination for those who want to discover new horizons. Additionally, it is one of the most important economic centers in Italy, so there are many people travelling there for work.

In this article we will help you find the best area to sleep in Torino according to your needs.

The historical center: the best area to sleep in Torino

The historical center is surely the best area to sleep in Torino, as it gathers the main attractions of the city, from the historical sites to the bars and restaurants. It stretches over a square area that preserves the soul of Torino, from Piazza Castello to Mole Antonelliana.

The historical center is the most fascinating area in the city. Furthermore, it’s also easy to reach, as it is close to the main stations, Porta Nuova and Porta Susa. Besides the main attractions, you will also be able to walk along the city during the evening and stop for an aperitivo or a nice dinner.

Borgo Po: the quietest area to sleep in Torino

Borgo Po is surely the calmest area to sleep in Torino. It is mainly residential, which is on the hills near the banks of the river Po. There are not so many commercial activities here, but it’s not a problem, as it is very close to the city center: just 30 minutes walking.

Hence, Borgo Po is the ideal area for those who want to stay for many days, as they come back to a quiet place after a whole day of visiting the city.

San Salvario: the best area to sleep in Torino for nightlife

The San Salvario neighborhood is in the South of Torino, near the station of Porta Nuova. It was originally inhabited by the Jewish community, which is the reason why there is a fascinating synagogue you absolutely have to visit.

It is a multicultural neighborhood with a rich nightlife, as it hosts many bars and restaurants.

Lingotto: the best area to sleep in Torino for work

The Lingotto area is perfect for those who travel to Torino for work. It is a neighborhood where in the past there were the Fiat factories, which host an exhibition center nowadays.

So, Lingotto is the perfect neighborhood if you travel to Torino in order to attend a fair or to work. The city center is a bit far but it’s not a problem: with the public transport you will be able to reach it in half an hour. There is also a station that connects it with the other important poles in Torino.

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10 December 2020