Sicily, a land with wonderful beaches and imposing monuments, is also a prosperous territory for wine production. Among the most famous areas, there is the Etna zone, where you can find Nero Malcalese and Nerello Cappuccio.

Below you will find the major areas for wine production and where you can have the best tastings.

Wine tastings in Siracusa

The province of Siracusa, like the surrounding area and the Noto valley, produces fine wines. In particular, among the red wines, there are the vineyards of Nero D'Avola and Frappato. Moreover, there is also another fine wine, Moscato, which comes from the homonymous vineyards, considered excellent.

The best way to discover the secrets of this land is by listening to those who are in contact with it every day. With our wine tasting and winery tour in Noto Valley, you will discover a wine born in a land proof of the majesty of the Sicilian Baroque style. You will taste it in a well-known Noto Valley's winery surrounded by hectares of green lush, while you listen to the stories of the land.

Another unique experience is a wine tasting in a castle and historical garden near Syracuse. You will enjoy this wine in a fairytale context, after knowing all the secrets of the company.

Wine tastings in Palermo

West Sicily has famous vineyards, which produce fine wine. Among those, you can find Syrah, aromatic wine with ancient origins: it is said to be the favorite wine of Kleopatra. Then, among white ones, you will find Catarratto, which is usually produced in the Trapani province, but it spread in Palermo too.

A journey in the wine history and culture of Sicily in a famous winery in Palermo will help you discover the secrets of the land. During the tour of the winery and historical estate of Casteldaccia with wine tasting you will learn the secrets behind the choice of the best soil, the care of the vine, and discover the best bottling techniques. Then, you can enjoy the tasting of four fine wines of this winery.

Wine tastings in Trapani

In the province of Trapani, there is one of the biggest wine production activities in Sicily. In fact, the wine produced here is almost half of the production of the whole island. You will find Marsala, a famous fine wine, as well as Alcamo, produced near Erice.

In Mazara del Vallo, a small town near Trapani, you can take part in a wine tasting in a nature reserve. You will a walk among open lands on the sea, of clayey soils and salt pans, ventilated by the sea breeze, then taste a good selection of wines.

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August 12th, 2021