Europe is a continent full of art, history, amazing landscapes and natural reserves: the perfect mix for the ones who want to spend time with themselves, be in contact with nature and get lost in the contemplation of paintings and monuments. That’s BookRetreat’s mission: helping people reconnect with themselves and helping them escape the oppressing routine of daily life thanks to special experiences and retreats. Wonderful Italy has the same mission in Italy, in the most fascinating destinations that are also the least touched by mass tourism.

Just like BookRetreats, Wonderful Italy wants to help people discover again the good effects of human interaction, thanks to a travel pattern based on authentic and experiential tourism, which has the purpose of creating a unique connection with the visited places and their communities. The context in which all of this happens is very important: for this reason, the holiday takes place in Syracuse, a city in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, the perfect place for the people to reconnect with their history. The stay in typical houses represents the best opportunity to get to know the local community and their traditions: it is an experience that involves all of the senses.

A journey focused on improving your well-being can help you live a happier life, far from negative energies. To discover more, visit BookRetreats.