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We believe that wonder is a resource for Italy, beyond the clich├ęs.

Italy is a beautiful country. In fact, some would say it's the most beautiful country in the world.
We Italians often don't notice it any more, because we've got so used to it.
For those who don't live in Italy, however, getting to know our country, our art, and our culture, still proves to be a truly marvellous, astonishing experience.

With our project, we hope that this wonder, this astonishment can be directed not just towards those famous, renown places, but also towards those hidden gems that for one reason or another, haven't managed to introduce high-quality hospitality services that match the new requests and demands of their visitors.

We want to work in these places, involving all the locals, using new technology that help to open them to a global audience.

We want to support the entrepreneurial spirit of these places and local professionals that, just like us, believe that tourist hospitality is a fundamental resource for their own development.