At the beach with the kids in Palermo

Palermo has always opened its beaches to the world, but for kids, there are even more surprises

Mondello and then the rest

The first stop has to be Mondello, an ancient fishing town with its beach full of white sand, and the currents in the sea, which change the water’s colour from turquoise to dark blue. It is the main destination during summer and offers welcome and hospitality services for children too, with designated areas and toy parks. Perfect for families, Mondello beach is a few kilometers away from the center and can be reached by using a shuttle bus from the city. For the more “courageous” children, there is a short trip – close to Mondello – in the Capo Gallo reserve, a small oasis of nature where the dwarf palm tree still grows. Moving towards the western coast, you will find the beaches of Isola delle Femmine, Capaci, Cinisi, Trappeto and Balestrate, easily accessible for all. On the other side, just an hour away by car, there are the beaches in the Norman city of Cefalù with specialized services designed especially for families. A small jewel of the Norman tradition, Cefalù is the perfect destination to bring together cultural tourism (the Duomo is UNESCO heritage) and a need for the sea. Chipped and damaged like an old city from other times, the city’s pride for its history and traditions beats strong in the heart of Palermo; a history that Palermitan artists love to tell children every year, from every part of the world, who come to this city in the center of the Mediterranean. It is clear that Palermo is a seaside town, a must-see to get to know its history, as well as visiting the Sea Ecomuseo: a cultural project that aims to keep the memory of marine traditions and tales alive, without any filters or omissions – everything that the sea, in the good times and the bad, represents for the city.

After the beach

Another unique experience to get to know the true face of Palermo for children is the Opera dei pupi. Its best storyteller is Mimmo Cuticchio. Just as interesting is a trip to the Palermo Museum of Marionettes, which, as well as its scheduled shows, offers its visitors with a series of learning exercises. For relaxing walks, the city has several nature parks and thematic areas, the most important of which is the Real Parco della Favorita, a green area of almost 1,000 hectares, a small gem of biodiversity, born in 1799 as a hunting park, and a place of pleasure for the Bourbon Court. The park has cycle tracks and walking paths. Guided tours can also be arranged with the Rangers d’Italia