There is no doubt that Frida Kahlo is a very representative artist of Mexican art, as well as international art in 1900: her life and her artworks inspired and keep inspiring thousands of people, who are fascinated by this unique character.

Frida Kahlo - Il caos dentro: in Torino, in 2021 there will be an exhibition in Mastio della Cittadella, where the whole series of Frida’s photos taken by Nickolas Muray will be exhibited.

The exhibition

The human, spiritual and artistic dimension of Frida will be shown through sixty photographs. Furthermore, before the exhibition, there are some installations reproducing some of Frida’s favorite places in her Casa Azul. You will be able to surround yourself with the colors, the sounds, and the dresses that made Frida who she was, so you can understand her life better. The bedroom, the atelier and the garden of her house are faithfully replicated, as she was always finding inspiration there. Some love letters between Frida and Nickolas are shown, in order to make you understand their relationship better.

After these installations, you will get to know the artist. The first section is called I colori dell’anima and it shows some portraits of Frida, made by Leonet Matiz Espinoza. Successively, there is the section dedicated to Diego Rivera, whose relationship with Frida is told by the letters exhibited. Then, you will cross the section dedicated to Frida and the double, meaning a series of self portraits realized in modlight, which represent her style at the best. You will also admire the painting Piden Aeroplanos y les dan Alas de Petate (they ask for planes and give straw wings), which describes Frida’s tormented soul.

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the date and time can easily change. Please check also the official website of the event.

Frida Kahlo: a short introduction

Below you will find some information about Frida Kahlo, so you can understand the exhibition better.

A particular life

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter, considered by many a surrealist, even though she never saw herself like that.

Frida had a difficult life, influenced by a serious illness since she was a child. She still showed a strong personality and a big talent. In 1925, she had an accident that caused her a fracture of her backbone, as she had 32 surgeries that forced her to stay in bed for months. This event influenced her throughout her whole life, causing her trouble. During her healing, when she was paralyzed in the bed, her parents gave her colors and brushes to help her spend time. This period introduced Frida to painting as she instantly showed her talent. Her parents encouraged her and gave her a mirror so she could paint self-portraits, which are the best expressions of her art.

Some years later she agreed to the Mexican Communist Party, where she met Diego Rivera, who at the time was the most successful Mexican artist. The year after she married Diego, who was 21 years older than her and who has a reputation for not being faithful to his previous wives. Their relationship was made of passion, betrayal and art.

Frida had many lovers during her life, due to the fact that she was in an open relationship with Diego, who wanted it strongly. Because of this, Frida suffered a lot for his betrayals, one of which was with her sister. Even though she had many lovers, Frida never had a child, since she couldn’t give birth due to the accident she had when she was young. One episode was crucial when she wanted to carry the baby at all costs but she had to get an abortion otherwise she could have died.

Frida’s art

Frida’s art is strongly influenced by her life. The canvas is the instrument she uses to catch everything around her, including people, colors and emotions. She mostly paints self-portraits, so she could express what’s inside her. A typical characteristic of Frida’s art is combining indigenous pre-Colombian iconography with Christian symbols.

Another characteristic of Frida’s art is the sharpness of her self portraits and the authenticity of her gaze. Thick eyebrows and black mustaches, everything stays as it is, without the filtered eye of the men.
After her second marriage with Diego, Frida starts painting joyful subjects again, such as Los Dia de los Muertos in a happier version.

One of her last paintings shows the sentence “Viva la vida”, which is very representative of how her art is the perfect combination of introspection and passion with irony, even though she had a troubled life.

Frida Kahlo - il caos dentro: where and when

April 17th 2021 - July 21st 2021
h. 10:00 - 18:00

Mastio della Cittadella
Corso Galileo Ferraris, 0

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February 2nd, 2021