The best places

If you are searching for a place that is quiet for the majority of the year, you absolutely have to take places like Mondello beach or the peace and quiet of the L’Addaura cliffs into account. Located a dozen or so kilometres away from the city centre, Mondello and L’Addaura rise at the feet of Monte Pellegrino and offer calmness, green spaces and enchanting marine landscapes.

These areas are not just recommended during summer, when the beaches are beautiful, but also during the rest of the year when holidaymakers go home, making it much more peaceful.

Villas and holiday homes in the surroundings

If you come to Palermo by car or you wish to hire one, you could also opt for the overnight options in the surroundings. For example, Cinisi and Terrasini are the perfect locations to find a villa with lots of outside space, as well as ones that are close to the sea.

The perfect solution for you

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