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In Syracusan dishes, fried fish and shellfish have to be present: tuna, swordfish, sea urchins and squids. The earth is generous too: little tomatoes of Pachino, the sweet almond of Avola, grapes and the Nero d'Avola wine, the honey of Sortino, the Femminello lemon IGP, the potato of Syracuse and the green oil.


Appetizers are always the starting point, usually in big quantities. There is the one with fish: octopus salad, mixed fried fish, marinated anchovies, raw shrimps of Syracuse. But if you don't like fish (and in Syracuse it's such a pity), you can have meat appetizers: parmigiana, fresh cuts, caponata, olives, dry tomatoes and cheese.


The traditions has different first and second courses with fish. Among the most typical ones there is the fried pasta "alla siracusana" with anchovies, crumb and cherry tomatoes; the "spaghetti alla bottarga" with tuna, the "zuppa di mare", the tuna "alla ghiotta".


Meat lovers must try the "cavati alla siracusana": fresh pasta with pork sauce; the rabbit "alla stemperata"; with olives, tomatoes, sedano, capers and sausages and fenil.

Pizze 'mpanate and "pizzoli"

Those who stay in Syracuse will have to try the "mpanata", a sort of pizza which is closed with many fillings (potatoes, ricotta, spinaches, tomatoes, sausages etc.). The "pizzolo" is another dish you must try: a focaccia with particular fillings such as shrimps and zucchini flowers, boar with Nero d'Avola.


You can taste the magnificent granita made with Avola almond. Or you can try the "brioche cu tuppu", with sugar and toasted almonds. Totò and Giuggiulena are also typical desserts. The "Occhi di Santa Lucia": almond paste with a cherry in the middle. Or the "Cassatedde i Pasqua": a focaccia filled with cinnamon and ricotta.


All those tasty dishes must be eaten with the appropriate wines. The territory answers the call with the production of white and red wines. The Nero d'Avola is the biggest vineyard with red grapes in Sicily and it has very ancient roots, dating back to the V century b.C. Frappato is another famous wine from the Syracusan province. Eloro is a DOC wine, only produced in Noto, Pachino, Portopalo and Capo Passero. Then you can find the Moscato of Siracusa Dop, one of the few wines that can be traced back in time: it's 2750 years old, it is the oldest wine in Italy and, maybe in Europe.

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