The National Archeological Museum in Taranto is housed in the former Monastery of the Order of Friars Minor of the 1700s.

Visiting it means carrying out an extraordinary journey among masterpieces and small gems: 25 rooms reconstruct 6,500 years of history in the region with thousands of archeological findings from the beginning of the Early Middle Ages, which give a shape to the traditions, knowledge and customs of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Apulians and Byzantines.

An amazing corpus of statues, vases, urns, funerary decor and grave goods, mosaic floors, medals, paintings and the famous “Ori di Taranto” (Golden treasures of Taranto) which is a collection of golden jewels from Magna Graecia, exhibited in part at the Shanghai EXPO in 2010 and at the Milan EXPO in 2015 at the Italian Pavilion.

All of these elements make this museum a must-see for those visiting the area.
Rich, luxurious, modern and functional.
In addition to the rooms where the collection is housed, it also has a learning room for young visitors, a conference room, and a multi-sensory path for disabled people.

It is open daily and during the evening (also during the summer) and it offers guided and thematic tours.
MArTA is open every day, from Monday to Saturday and every first Sunday of the month is “OPEN DAY” (free entry), from 8:30am to 7:30pm (All other Sundays and holidays it’s open from 9am to 1pm and from 3:30pm to 7:30pm).


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