Torino is considered the Italian capital of chocolate, the homeland of gianduia, and of another tradition that kids, in particular, love: the chocolate Easter egg. The chocolate egg has become one of the symbols of Easter, but just a few people know that it was born in Torino.

In this article, you will learn about the origin of the chocolate egg and of its diffusion, until it became one of the symbols of Easter in Italy.

The origin

The first experiments for the creation of a chocolate egg began in France, at the court of Louis XIV. Unfortunately, the eggs didn’t have both a good result and success. In 1725, in Torino, the widow Giambone, who owned a small shop on Via Roma, started creating the first chocolate eggs. She had the idea of filling the empty eggshells with melted chocolate: the idea had much success among the Torinese people.


At the beginning of 1900, in the 20s, Casa Sartorio in Torino worked in order to find a way to mold chocolate in empty shapes. As a result, chocolate was put in spring-release tins and molded by rotating machines that were stretching the dough in a smooth way. When the dough cools down, the egg is ready to get decorated.

The surprise

Some years later, people wanted to give the chocolate egg a more festive connotation. So, in 1925, they decided to put a small surprise inside the chocolate egg. Originally, the eggs were filled with small animals made with sugar paste, or some sugared almonds. Then, they started putting small objects, until nowadays, with the surprises we normally find in chocolate eggs. Furthermore, in some handmade chocolate eggs, the decorations and the surprise are customizable.

The tradition of Easter eggs

Chocolate Easter eggs had so much success that they became the symbol of Easter in Italy, as opposed to the Easter bunny like in Northern European countries. In Italy, since the Middle Ages, people would give eggs as gifts at Easter. In fact, eggs symbolize rebirth, but they also have a relation with Jesus Christ. At first glance, eggs look empty and lifeless, just like the stone that was blocking Jesus’ sepulcher. But, inside the egg, there is life ready to flourish, like the sepulcher in which Christ’s body was kept. That is how the egg became a symbol of resurrection.

After discovering the story of the Easter egg, there is one more question to be answered: dark or milk chocolate?

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March 2nd, 2021