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The Vucciria: the market of Palermo


Once people used to say "i balati ra Vucciria 'un s'asciucanu mai" (the streets of Vucciria never gets dry), because water was always flowing in order to keep the fish fresh. The Taverna Azzurra is an old typical restaurant, which is popular among local young people, who drink there after the sunset.

Vucciria is an open air restaurant

During the weekend you can have dinner in the open air in Piazza Caracciolo. A big variety of street food is available here, such as panelle, raschiature, "pane con meusa" by Rocky, boiled octopus, roasted fish, etc. and a good frozen beer.

If you're lucky, you can attend the singing of Sandokan in the squares of the market.

Vucciria is also history

Walking among the street of the area is an experience we absolutely suggest, in order to appreciate the beauty and a piece of history of the city. In fact, along the street from Piazza Caracciolo to Piazza Garrafello, you can admire the Statue of the Genius of Palermo, a mythological character, which is considered the symbol of the city.

Piazza Garrafello between Street Art and DJ Set

In Piazza Garrafello, the facades of the building bombed during WWII have become a theater scene thanks to the installations and graffiti of the Austrian artist Uwe.
During weekends, Piazza Garrafello turns into a disco with young DJs.

Did you know?

The market of Vucciria inspired the famous painting "The Vucciria of Palermo" by Guttuso, nowadays preserved in Palazzo Steri.

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