Superstition and Popular Beliefs

il Venerdi in Sicilia porta fortuna, apparizioni della Fata Morgana nello stretto di Sicilia e a Favignana, scongiuri contro il malocchio, streghe e fattucchiere

Born on

Unlike the rest of Italy, in Sicily on Friday is considered as a lucky day. In ancient times it was believed that children born on Friday were strong, clever and intelligent as to be able to handle venomous snakes of any kind and to deal with werewolves. The revered is also able to predict the future. The evil spirits have no influence on him. Someone born on Friday may live safely in a house invaded by spirits, without being bothered by them. Women Trapani preserved eggs made by their hens for Friday. Women Palermo went every Friday in the church "the souls of the beheaded bodies." Having registered their rose gardens, women approaching near tombstones to ensure that their dead have what they wanted.

La Fata Morgana

In ancient times it was believed that some hallucinations, visions columns, palaces, forests off the coast, the Strait of Messina or the island of Favignana were the work of the Fata Morgana, Queen Strait Messina. This queen confused sailors, was confused by the movement had many castles, thinking to land in the ports of Messina and Reggio, was shipwrecked along the coast, thus falling into the arms of a terrible fairy. These are unique optical phenomena do occur in the Strait of Messina on the island of Favignana. In summer it is possible to see in the sky like a rocking columns, towers, palaces, forests and ruins that move, change place and rotate. Observing Calabria Messina, one can see it hanging in the air, enlarged and multiplied the image of Messina and vice versa, looking towards Reggio Pelorus, this is reflected in the narrow city of Reggio.

Exorcisms of the Sicilian people

In Sicily, there are different kinds of "spells" against the evil eye, against many different diseases of the eye disease to exanthematous diseases, vomiting, headache or sciatica. In addition to spells against the disease, in Sicily there are those against pests and storms, especially against incantations related disasters love. The images represent the Paladins in the act of fighting were painted on the shores of the Sicilian carts, as a protection to receive a defense against evil and envious. In Palermo, the Sicilian Ethnographic Museum Pitre has over twenty thousand objects today that show the customs and traditions of the Sicilian people, including the Albanian minority language, beliefs, myths, traditions of Sicily (the house spinning and weaving, furniture and furnishings, pottery, art shepherd, hunting and fishing, agriculture and livestock, arts crafts, vehicles, the Sicilian cart, the puppets, the chariot the party, the glass paintings, confraternities, cribs, among which include the work of the artist Trapani Matera, children's games, magic, votive offerings, days candy ect.) A charm against the evil eye, is that according to popular beliefs, the person spits especially if it becomes a threefold providence. This is the case when you go to visit a sick person who spits three times, a pregnant woman or when you encounter a hunchback, witches or priest. Even some mothers when a dubious woman kisses babies, she spits three times after she left home. Some people to chase away evil spirits carry in their back on the street, garlic and onion or a little skin of forehead of a wolf.

Women from outside (showy)

Women from the outside are not to be confused with the enchanting and witches, because according to their body, sometimes there is no other spirit that lives there. outside women are also called "ladies. "It is believed that the spirit of these women leave home to find the spirits of hell, wandering souls, for advice and / or answers and questions to come, according to customer requests. These "ladies" were part of a powerful creatures of 33 companies, which were under the control of an increased mother to Messina. Three times a week, the nights of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, they came out in spirit and went to the council in Ventotene to deliberate on bills to crack, dissolve ligatures, punishments or rewards that are proposed against or the person who earned their hatred or love. The woman outside before sunset reminded her husband and / or other persons who were in the house that night was out and it was forbidden for anyone to touch her when she goes out. Anyone who wanted a "lady" at home was burning incense, bay leaves or rosemary. The scent attracts the "beautiful ladies" and makes them come. They enter through cracks or keyhole because they are spirits. Women from the outside are not visible, but their passage is revealed in notes and subtle sounds. It is necessary that these ladies receive power directly from the devil to confirm the agreement of the soul. The belief is that the qualities of the "beautiful ladies" must be the beauty, sense of justice, the virtue of silence and obedience to the decisions taken by his / her companion (s).