Visit Sicily Team

Chi c'è dietro Un gruppo di persone appassionate della Sicilia ed esperte nella creazione e gestione di servizi turistici innovativi comes with the experience from the website

The adventure started in 2008 with an idea from Maurizio and maurizio's wife Andrea: to create a completely Sicilian tourist website but with a cosmopolitan view on our island. In 2009 Pietro joined the two and the couple became a trio. In 2014 a small company "VisitSicily" was born and in 2017 VisitSicily became part of the Wonderful Italy Group.

Maurizio Giambalvo

Born and raised in Palermo, responsible for research, social innovation and business start-ups.

Among his interests are local development and cultural tourism. Passionate about technology, in his previous life he was a dj and earned a doctorate in Greek and Latin Linguistics. Once a year, he accompanies groups on responsible tourism trips in the countries of south-east Asia. He loves Sicily but gets nervous because of the way in which many Sicilians treat it ... He has an unbridled passion for foreign languages ​​…


Francesca Pellitteri - Hospitality Manager

Born and raised in Palermo, where she graduated in Economics in July 2013. She loves animals, in fact she has adopted a dog and a cat and she dreams of a country life surrounded by animals with a small piece of land to cultivate. She loves reading, good food and trying new experiences. Still in search of her path, in 2013 she happily became part of the team of Visitpalermo and she is responsible for assisting guests, owners and providers of tourist services. Se also deals with our communication services for tourism operators

 Marta Anelli - Experiences manager

Marta was born and raised in Palermo, but after graduating she has travelled a lot and even lived in Rome, Paris and Belfast. For Marta, travelling is one of the best dimensions in which to experience life and culture and it has been vitally important for her own personal story, for example, Marta met the (Irish) man of her life while flying back from Argentina and brought him back to Palermo, after another voyage they are now raising their first son! After having returned to Sicily for some years, Marta now occupies herself in all aspects of Sicilian tourism and manages the tourist services of VisitSicily. Marta loves her home-island and believes it to be the most beautiful place on earth... she explores it continually and is always amazed.

Laura Caruso - Operations Manager

Born and raised in Palermo. She graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, but than she did different and various works. Romantic, dreamy and driven by passion even in any career choice. For some years she lived in Latin(near Rome), of course a choice made for love reason, and there the first contact with the world of golf and for some years her job.
Two years after her Coming back in Palermo,the first contact with VisitSicily proposing services related to golf and then the discovery of another passion... Palermo and its soul !