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With the health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19, we detected and implemented all the necessary actions to secure our business.

We want anyone who gets in contact with Wonderful Italy to do it in complete safety, starting from the guests of our homes and experiences, to our employees and collaborators.

All these actions have become an operational protocol that we have called W.I.T.H., Wonderful Italy for Travel Health. This is no coincidence: we want everyone to feel safe WITH us.

  • Being informed is good, better if both ways.

    Before the stay, we ask about the guest's health state and provide detailed information about the measures we are taking.

  • Check in starts before the check in.

    We limit the contact and the documentation is digitally sent before the stay.

  • Protect yourself to protect others.

    We always wear masks and use the other protective devices recommended by the health authorities when we meet our guests.

  • “Healthy guests in safe places”.

    We use ethyl alcohol, sodium hypochlorite solutions and only disposable materials for the cleanings.

  • The safety that follows you. Even when you’re not at home.

    Even our partners for experiences and activities in our destinations follow our safety program during their daily operations.

Home’s safety

WITH program is the last puzzle piece that we have added to our holiday model, which has always offered considerable advantages when it comes to safety. In fact, we only rent out entire places so that our guests, in addition to the opportunity to live like locals, do not have to share spaces with others, as happens in traditional tourist accommodations.

The tranquillity
of unusual destinations.

Wonderful Italy's welcoming model also includes uncommon destinations, like small villages and places that are still off the main guidebooks. Our destinations, as well as the choice to work with entire places, provide authenticity to our guests’ stay and make it safer, being far from the hustle and bustle of the big city life.