Wonderful tour of 5 nights in Ostuni

The whitest town...

Your New Year of discovery starts here, far from the beaten tracks yet full of wonders.

We’ll take you into a 5-day tour package through Ostuni, Valle d’Itria with Locorotondo and Alberobello; plus walking tours of Martina Franca and Ostuni, then experience the culinary treasures with a workshop of handmade pasta, tasting of wines and evergreen delights like the delicious Ice-cream. Put your boots on, and we’ll be walking together, you’ll get the best from your Italian adventure, losing yourself into the fragrances, colors and narrow streets that you can only meet while walking.

Day 1: arrival in Ostuni, lunch not included, free time in Ostuni, dinner included

  • Morning/Afternoon: arrival in Ostuni, lunch not included

Ostuni is defined as one of the most beautiful towns in the World, once you’ll arrive here and checked-in in your home, you will awake your senses then you’ll know why it is defined so. You’ll stay in one of the best historical city centers in South Italy. Apulia is always a beautiful surprise and this can be considered the symbol of its beauty. The White town, as it’s known, has narrow lanes, incredible landscapes that make this a precious gem-town still preserved by mass tourism. You’ll encounter a priceless beauty.

  • Afternoon: free time to wander in Ostuni

Discover the white town by yourself now, get around and get lost, there’s nothing to worry about, you’ll find your way back home anyway. Get ready to meet women who would be sat on the steps to their houses, working the dough to make pasta; the farmers would arrive with their carts from the countryside to sell fruit and vegetables; the smells of fried meatballs and tomato passata enshroud every inch of the town, it's like in a movie set. Maybe be prepared to be invited for lunch by a local, it’s no surprise.

  • Evening: dinner included

When the sun gets down it’s when the magic starts, warm street lights, the quietness of the historic center, a timeless song. Get ready for your first dinner in one of the best restaurants, keen for a glass of local wine together with tasteful dishes? Of course! In Apulia everything it’s delicious and made with love.

Day 2: cheese making and tasting in Masseria with lunch included and transfer, walking tour of Martina Franca, dinner not included

  • Morning: cheese making and tasting in Masseria with light lunch

It’s a journey of flavors, there are simple things, which seem small, but are capable of turning out to be great. This is the case of those who, every day, produce cheese, they take the fresh milk and by magic, it turns into cheese. The secrets are revealed to you, and tasting after tasting you’ll then become a little bit more expert and start looking at cheese in a different way.

  • Afternoon: walking tour of Martina Franca

Time spent for a walking tour in Martina Franca, the historic center is a maze of narrow streets, where the sun is struggling to enter, and it's suggestive. The baroque is the master, the squares look like living rooms, enlivened by the colors of the clothes of the balconies, wrought-iron balconies and votive decorations. It’s not too corny, it’s really a poetical town.

  • Evening: dinner in Ostuni not included

After a full day learning and exploring we’ll go back to Ostuni, dinner not included, choose a restaurant or search for genuine products at the local market and treat yourself with an amazing dinner at your place. Just ask us for recommendations.

Day 3: workshop of fresh handmade pasta and lunch included, walking tour of Ostuni, dinner not included

  • Morning: workshop of handmade pasta and lunch included

The combination of simple things makes the most unique flavors. Durum wheat flour, water, and salt are the only things needed to make one of the symbolic masterpieces of Puglia, fresh handmade pasta. Here comes a workshop of fresh handmade pasta and lunch included. Once learned this ancient way you’ll be able to make it again back home, put extra love in your recipe and it’s done, now you have the art stored with you.

  • Afternoon: walking tour of Ostuni

What’s better than walking around the town with a local? Walking tour of Ostuni, with the eyes of people that live here, to understand and learn the stories of this magical white town. The queen of Valle d’Itria, as renamed, with its narrow and tiny white streets; mysterious with the story that it hides that never fails to amaze even those who have lived there for many years. The guide will explain to you all the town’s secrets, the legends about its inhabitants, and you will be guided using your imagination on a timeless journey to discover the whitest town in the world.

  • Evening: Dinner not included.

Day 4: transfer and visit of Valle d’Itria (Locorotondo and Alberobello), wine tasting and lunch included, dinner not included

  • Morning and afternoon: transfer to Valle d’Itria for a visit of Locorotondo, wine tasting and visit of Alberobello.

We’ll keep discovering the Valle d’Itria where the countryside is sweetly up and down, marked by the whiteness of the trullo houses, a pure poem. There is one of the best olive oils in the world, white wine, and capocollo ham. Visit of Locorotondo for wine tasting, this is just a wonderful town with some treasures that no other place can offer, observe an endless expanse of green, full of vineyards, traditional trullo houses, and farms that still smell of history and tradition. It’s just amazing to experience this with your eyes. Then we’ll drive up north to the town of Alberobello, the UNESCO heritage site, to see the Trulli neighborhoods which are traditional Apulian dry stone huts with conical stone roofs.

  • Evening: dinner not included

Day 5: free morning and lunch not included, workshop of Ice-cream included, “see you soon” dinner included

  • Morning: free to wander around
  • Afternoon: Workshop of Ice-cream

We will enjoy visiting one of the most important artisan ice cream parlors of Ostuni, where the passion behind “Gelato” will be told, as well as every step needed for choosing ingredients. Ending with a tasting of Gelato is a must.

  • Evening: dinner included

Day 6: check-out, transfer not included

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No-limits wanderers, people that wish to understand what's before their eyes and get a baggage full of new experiences and memories to share with their beloved ones. 



5 nights



Accommodation for 5 nights in the town centre. 3 Lunches and 2 dinners (water and 1 glass of wine are included), cheese making and tasting in Masseria, walking tour of Martina Franca, workshop of fresh handmade pasta, walking tour of Ostuni, visit of Valle d'Itria (Locorotondo and Alberobello), wine tasting and workshop of Ice-cream.

Non incluso

Flights or transport to reach Ostuni, transfer from/to the Airport, lunch or dinner when not mentioned as Included, extra snacks and beverage.