Aboard the Lisca Bianca sailboat

Let’s celebrate the 30th anniversary of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and join with your kids some cultural activities dedicated to them.

Aboard the Lisca Bianca, find out how to respect the environment and stay together on a world cruise sailboat. We will discover Palermo from another angle with the slow times of sailing; then, we will paint the city skyline and listen to the sea tales of the crew.

Article 29.1e: the education of the child shall be directed to the development of respect for the natural environment.

What to respect what surrounds us really means, like the sea, the others, our mates, and how to fall in love with slow and reflective times aboard the Lisca Bianca.
Lisca Bianca is a 36-foot carol ketch known for its stability; we will be in a protected educational context.
We get on board to learn the techniques, set the sail, and guide the boat, and then, if the weather is good, we will sail in the waters of the Gulf up to Sant'Erasmo.
We will talk about the UN Convention on Child’s Rights and the beautiful Lisca Bianca, restored by the children of the juvenile penal institution.
Once back to land, we will paint the skyline of Palermo and listen to the sea tales of the skipper and sailor of Lisca Bianca.

This educational project was born from the Don Calabria institute and Apriti Cuore Onlus, which for years, has been dealing with developing places and communities following this line.
Lisca Bianca instead is managed by the social coop. Rigenerazioni Onlus that operates in the project as a provider.


families with kids who love the sea.


sportswear and wind jacket.


the sailor and skipper of Lisca Bianca.


3hrs from 10am to 1pm Sunday 10/11, 17/11, 01/12, 15/12 and Friday 06/12

Meeting point

Cala Port, Palermo


Boat tour on Lisca Bianca with educational and recreative activities of painting and sea storytelling.


Transfer to the meeting point.