Bike tour in the historical center

We ride through the authentic Palermo and discover the stories that are revealed only to those who are ready for them. We pass through the artisan shops that resist modern times; this is the historic Palermo without distractions, except for the street food tasting.

Bicycles are perfect to cross the immense center of Palermo with its 2800 years of history and culture; through the lovely alleys, churches, palaces, and cloisters that usually go unnoticed by the visitor.

We ride the street with the ancient Arabic name "Cassaro" (Today Corso Vittorio Emanuele), passing by charming squares and palaces until the "Cala", the evocative port of Palermo.
The green expanse of the "Foro Italico" with its elegant buildings overlooking the sea and unique views of the coast contrasts with the bright blue of a warm sea.

We will listen to thousand anecdotes, curiosities and legends in front of the most hidden and secret corners.
We will taste the inimitable street food of Palermo, and keep the memory of an authentic and unforgettable city.


who wants to breathe the most ancient and secret Palermo.


comfortable clothes.


the official guides, experts of Authentic Palermo.




Meeting point

Social Bike, Discesa dei Giudici, Palermo


Bicycle rental, guided tour and street food tasting.