Danisinni Tour, the social rebirth

Explore a magical neighborhood, meet associations and people committed to improving the well-being of the local community let aside for years. Together we will discover how many stories, Arab qanats, and rivers still flow inside Palermo's heart.

The "Danisinni Experience" is the ideal tour for those who want to explore Palermo's living soul.
Danisinni is a fascinating place located where once flowed rivers and grew Papyrus plants.

The underground connection with the water of the Nile was in the beliefs of the ancients. For the abundance of water, until a century ago, the district was whitened by the clothes of the nobles hung out to dry from the laundresses that served the city.

A visit to Danisinni is like traveling through time and space. You find yourself in the city center while in the silence of the countryside like staying in Palermo and Jerusalem at the same time, as its Arab stairs recall.
The self-built houses in the neighborhood, decorated with street art, remind of La Boca in Buenos Aires or the colorful Brazilian Favela. Roaming swarms of children will make you feel in Africa or South East Asia.

Isolated for many years, unknown and among the poorest in Palermo, this district now keeps a strong popular identity. Thus it has not prevented its inhabitants from opening up to the outsiders, also for the inclusion of Danisinni in the UNESCO trail and many important social projects.

Thanks to a very active parish in the area, in Danisinni the unexpected happens: donkeys and goats graze in the gardens of the educational farm, actors and acrobats teach circus arts and theater to the youngsters under the circus tent, and the ladies are happy to show the tastiest traditional recipes to those who want to immerse themselves in Palermo for good.

Dinisinni will surprise anyone with its distinctive way of raising and improve for the sense of community.


anyone interested in the social issues of a changing neighborhood.


comfortable outfit.


the inhabitants and who is socially active in the transformation of Danisinni.



2h (starting at 11am)

Meeting point

Cathedral of Palermo, Via Vittorio Emanuele


Walking tour


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