Guided tour of Valle d'Itria, the Trullo Valley

Available on Fridays at 9am

Guided tour to the heart of Alberobello, World Heritage Site and Locorotondo, the city of wines. We will walk in a splendid landscape, surrounded by the whiteness of the houses that make this corner of Puglia unique in the world.

It will be a unique journey, discovering the treasures of Valle D’Itria and the wonders of Alberobello and Locorotondo.
Making a virtue out of necessity is the story behind the construction of the Apulian Trulli and the city of Alberobello.

The most abundant material present in these lands, in fact, has always been limestone which, white and easily workable, has been the preferred material for the first constructions since classical civilization.

In Puglia from the more rocky and less suitable lands for cultivation the farmers extracted stone pieces from which they molded the Chiancarelle (irregular cubic-shaped stone blocks), which fitted one on top of the other without the use of mortar (with a system called "dry") gave life to real small buildings perfect to accommodate the whole family.

Casedda (a small house) is the original name of the Trullo, which today fascinates anyone who stops to look at it despite its simplicity. In Puglia, there are thousands of them, but the city that today carries this symbol high all over the world is Alberobello: a UNESCO heritage since 1996, it collects 1030 Trulli only in the Monti district, attached to each other.

We will visit Locorotondo and we will be suspended between the blue sky and the Valle D'Itria to observe an endless expanse of green made of vineyards, Trulli, and farms that still smell of history and tradition.

We will still find the colorful clothes of the locals lying on the windows and the perfume of the orecchiette, the sound of meatballs frying in the pan and the friendliness of the inhabitants among the narrow streets of the historic center.


those who do not want to miss the wonders of the Valle d’Itria.


comfortable clothing and water bottle.


the inhabitants of these two wonderful places.





Round-trip pick-up, guided tour of Locorotondo and Alberobello.