Vintage boat tour in Palermo

“I found happiness in the darkest days of my life.” - Francesco Caci, captain of the Pajarita V

A trip along the Palermo coastline aboard an elegant and very comfortable 1960’s yacht.

On a February day, Francesco, Commander of the Pajarita V, and his crew (his wife, Anna, and his young son, Giuseppe) met their destiny.

Francesco, in his first life, was already a water lover after years in the Navy, aboard peace missions in the Persian Gulf, during the war in Bosnia and in Sub-Saharan Africa. These experiences deeply impacted his life and his sensibility, to the point that, once back in Sicily with his family, he felt the need to clear the seas from unexploded bombs that can still be found on the ocean floor.

In fact, if someone finds a device hidden between Trapani and Cefalù, the person to call to execute a controlled explosion is certainly Francesco.

In Francesco’s second life, for years there was always a job to do, the young children to raise, the bills at the end of the month. He realised that living far away from the sea was not an option when, one Valentine's Day, when Anna saw her gift, a 14m 1960’s style wooden yacht (reminiscent of the films with Peter Sellers!) that they were to restore it and bring it back to the water. Just like the life of this lovely family, who since then have dedicated their heart and soul to the boat, to life on the sea, to discovering the beauty of our coast.

Pajarita V is a very comfortable and elegant motor yacht, that sets sail from La Cala port every day. The trip on the Pajarita V lasts about 5 hrs, and on board you will be offered a typically Sicilian brunch. During the tour you will stop at all of the most beautiful points along the coast: the so-called Grotta della Regina all’Acquasanta (a place hidden under the legendary hotel Villa Igiea, where Carolina of Austria loved to bathe), the rocky blue sea of the Punta Priola at Addaura, and the turquoise sandy sea of Mondello. Everything needed for snorkelling can be found onboard.

On request, it is also possible to organise your first diving excursion with a diving instructor. The dives can take place in the Addaura canyon (close to Roosevelt Harbour), rich in earthenware and tuna-fishing anchors, or at Arenella, where you can discover an old shipwreck.


Lovers of comfortable sea travel and of 1960’s films.


Vintage swim suits.


Francesco, the friendliest captain, and his lovely family/crew.





  • 星期一: 9.30-14.30/15.30-20.30
  • 星期二: 9.30-14.30/15.30-20.30
  • 星期三: 9.30-14.30/15.30-20.30
  • 星期四: 9.30-14.30/15.30-20.30
  • 星期五: 9.30-14.30/15.30-20.30
  • 星期六: 9.30-14.30/15.30-20.30
  • 星期日: 9.30-14.30/15.30-20.30


5 hour boat tour, brunch and snorkeling gear.


Transfer to Porto della Cala.