Saturday Market in Piazza Marina

A "historic" market that sells objects of every type of object as well recycled objects, with a few antiques thrown in for good measure. 

In Kalsa 
We recommend an event in one of the squares that best shows Palermo off in the Kalsa district. Here you can find the public garden of Villa Garibaldi, created in the mid-eighteenth century by the architect Basile, as well as many historic buildings, such as Palazzo Steri Chiaromonte, Palazzo Fatta, Palazzo Mirto, Palazzo Gravina di Palagonia, Palazzo Abatellis, la Chiesa di San Giovanni dei Napoletani, the Santa Maria della Catena Church and the Marionette Museum.

Privileged place for walks 
In Piazza Marina, the Palermitans, every Saturday and Sunday morning, walk through a giant bazaar in which a vast range of objects get sold. Next to the (few) salesmen of exquisite antiques, there are stalls of every sort, where vinyl, magazines, bicycles, metal boxes, crystals for chandeliers, doilies and various other objects, which take us back to our grandparents’ houses, when, as kids, we would rummage through their drawers, are set out. 

The market’s stalls 
Many stalls make up the entire perimeter around Villa Garibaldi, and the curious mess that they make does not lack in its own beauty. Amongst the wide variety of objects available, there is plenty of choice for those who are searching for mementos linked to eighteenth- century history, whether Italian or otherwise, and for those who love old vinyl and cassette tapes, wooden toys, books, furnishings, paintings and art prints. 

When: Every Saturday morning from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Piazza Marina. 



19/02/2013 - 31/12/2018