Ragusa Photo Festival

Ragusa Photo Festival comes back with INTERSEZIONI, the 8th edition from July 26th to August 25th. Since 2012, it represents an opportunity for young photographers to compare and to appreciate the Mediterranean.

Where and when

The festival takes place in some of the most interesting baroque buildings in Ibla, a neighborhood of Ragusa that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the opening days, 26-27-28 July, the program, exhibitions, seminars, and workshops will be presented to the public.

What it is about

The title of the edition is INTERSEZIONI and it explains the concept of family through photography. In fact, both have always been linked: the camera has been the instrument through which many families have told their stories. In addition, thanks to photography it is possible to observe the development of this primary social nucleus.
The festival offers also a chance to exchange ideas about the young generation and their human, cultural and social formation.

Per maggiori informazioni: www.ragusafotofestival.com



26/07/2019 - 25/08/2019