We believe that wonder is a resource for Italy, beyond the clichés.

We want to support the entrepreneurial spirit of these places and local professionals that, just like us, believe that tourist hospitality is a fundamental resource for their own development.

We are locals but we come from the world.

An Italian company, with solid roots in our land. We are active in Sicily,  Apulia, Liguria and Campania.



Michele Ridolfo CEO and Co-Founder

Favourite experience: Magenta (Milano) - Bicycling with my family between the Navigli and Ticino river, living with local farmers in the old "cascine", as if 1000 km far from the city.


Marco Schiavi Commercial OTA and Operations Director

Favourite experience: Oltrepò Pavese (Lombardy) - Leaving the plain behind, climbing the hills of the Upper Oltrepò Pavese. Taking a break in the agritourisms and trattorias until they feel a little like at home, or perhaps better, right at own home.


Karin Venneri Strategy & Sales Director

Favourite experience: La Sila (Calabria) - Crossing the Sila park during the broom period, by car with the whole family. Stopping for a long walk among the centuries-old giants of Sila, pristine lakes and plateaus. Not to be missed, a "typical paninazzo", caciocavallo, sausage and macked potatoes and a good red wine. Absolutely Priceless.


Antonio Rainò Head of Marketing

Favourite experience: Central Italy - Coast to coast from Ravenna to Livorno on a Vespa Sprint from 1967. Long stops every 50 km to admire the landscapes, to enjoy the local food and, above all, to give the Vespa a break. Traveling slowly on the main roads is the best way to cherish the Appennino and many others Italy’s areas


Maurizio Giambalvo Research and Development Special Projects

Favourite experience: Recanati (Marche) - hanging around in Leopardi’s private library after a month of travelling around Italy by motorbike, pure Leopardian poetry.


Fabio Severino Development and Institutional Relations

Favourite experience: Santo Stefano di Sessanio (Abruzzo) - In a medieval village momentarily inaccessible due to the sno falling, learning to make basket from straw with a local lady.


Simona Punzolo Administration and Management Accounting

Favourite experience: Marzamemi (Siciliy) - Discovering the magic of the past visiting an ancient village with a timeless beauty, off-season, without daily chaos and with the most important people: my family.


Francesco Passantino Information System Manager

Favourite experience: Aeolian Islands (Sicily) - Discovering all the colors of summer sunsets sailing through the archipelago and enjoying the temporary isolation in Lipari during winter, because of the Sea State 7.

Hub Sicilia Occidentale


Dario Varagona Hub Manager

Favourite experience: Etna (Sicily) - Climbing Mount Etna with my wife, up to 2315 a.s.l, then skiing off-piste with fresh snow while admiring the sea and the immense beauty of the Sicilian coast.


Fabrizio Lo Verde Experience manager

Favourite experience: Sant' Erasmo (Veneto) - Cycling around through the streets of the island in the middle of the Venetian lagoon after visiting one of the many farms and wineries, finishing the day with a sunset at the beach.

Hub Sicilia Orientale


Edoardo Faraci Hub Manager

Favourite experience: Siracusa (Sicily) - Sailing, leaving at dawn the Great Harbor of Syracuse and arriving at sunset at the Tonnara di Portopalo di Capo Passero, meeting with a small herd of dolphins, being amazed by the beauty of nature.


Francesco Susino Property and Development Manager

Favourite experience: Siracusa (Sicily) - Walking at sunset, barefoot on the water's edge, with the sea that refreshes our feet, sipping some good wine, with Caterina and our dog.

Francesca Giudice Experience Manager

Favourite experience: Burano (Veneto) - Wandering around in the colorful streets of the island and being enchanted by the century-old technique of working with lace in the precious hands of an old lace-maker.

Hub Puglia Centrale


Roberto Ungaro Hub Manager

Favourite experience: Ostuni (Apulia) - Enjoying the astonishment in the eyes of some German guys while they were listening to a local old lady explaining in Apulian dialect the ancient art of olive-growing.

Fabio Giorgino Property Manager

Favourite experience: Ostuni (Apulia) - From Murgia to the golden beaches by mountain bike. From the sky to the sea, discovering ancient caves, century-old olives and old masseria (large farms), through scents of nature and tradition.

Nicoletta Simili Experience Manager

Favourite experience: Lecce (Apulia) - Enjoying a pasticciotto in good company in Piazza Sant'Oronzo, in front of the Roman amphitheater, with a band that entertains passersby with music from the past.

Hub Liguria

Giorgia Remondini Hub Manager

Favourite experience: Genova (Liguria) - Leaving from Genoa with my family for a boat trip through the Gulf of Tigullio, Cinque Terre and Portovenere then enjoying an excellent fish fry and the famous ligurian pesto.

Olimpia Garrone Property Manager

Favourite experience: San Rocco di Camogli (Liguria) - Walking down a hundred steps that connect San Rocco to the sea, taking a breath and then going back to reward yourself with a delicious lunch of vegetable pies and the traditional Ligurian focaccia.

Chiara Carrea Experience Manager

Favourite experience: Cinque Terre (Liguria) - Renting a bikee with friends and taking the cycle path that leads from Framura to Levanto, on the route of the former railway. Admiring unique panoramas overlooking the sea and enjoying a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters

Hub Campania

Fulvia Irace Hub Manager

Favourite experience: Barrea (Abruzzo) - Rowing in the suggestive lake of Barrea, at sunset, on a small boat. Enjoying a local aperitif with friends, in front of a breathtaking view of the Marisican mountains.

Vito Campanelli Development & Institutional Relations Manager

Favourite experience: Stromboli (Sicily) - Sleeping in the harbor in front of the Sciara del Fuoco and, still half asleep, diving and swimming until it fades into an infinite blue.

Hub Piemonte

Loredana Gazzera Hub Manager

Favourite experience: Torino (Piedmont) - Getting lost among the stalls of the largest market in Europe: Porta Palazzo, the city gate. Melting pot of perfumes, flavors and colors that make it a unique market a stone's throw from the historic center. Ideal starting point to discover the Piedmontese gastronomic specialties!

Lavinia Fanari Property Manager

Favourite experience: Novello (Piedmont) - Cycling on the hills of Barolo, in the Langhe, in Autumn, surrounded by the breathtaking colors of the row. Finally, enjoying a selection of wines accompanied by local cheeses and salami and an excellent truffle dinner. Wow!

We have strong support and values.

We are funded and supported by Oltre Venture, the first and largest Italian Impact Investing Fund.

Consiglio di Amministrazione


Lorenzo Allevi President Wonderful Italy and CEO Oltre Venture

Favourite experience: Monte Subasio (Umbria) - trekking at night with a group of 50 teenagers coming from all over Europe.


Raffaele Fedele Advisor Wonderful Italy and Analyst Oltre Venture

Favourite experience: Regaleali (Sicily) - walking through the vineyard of a black Sicilian grape with the wine expert who grew them. A lovely glass of Nero d’Avola to top it off.

Offriamo ospitalità in case scelte ed esperienze autentiche nei luoghi più affascinanti d'Italia.

Stai con noi, soggiorna in selezionate abitazioni locali, accolto con calore, senso dell'ospitalità e professionalità; vivi nuove esperienze con persone vere e appassionate.

C’è un nuovo turista

  • Prenota online in maniera indipendente tramite le piattaforme online (OTA).
  • Cerca destinazioni alternative alle «top 10».
  • Cerca esperienze turistiche locali, vuole essere un «temporary local».
  • Vuole essere contemporaneamente enoturista e sciatore, visitare un museo e una fattoria agricola, velista con amici ma capace di stare con i bimbi a giocare all’aria aperta o anche di fare due giornate in un wellness con il compagno/a.
  • E chiede alla destinazione scelta di essere tante cose insieme...

Ci sono meraviglie non sfruttate

  • Italia 5° paese più visitato al mondo.
  • Tuttavia >50% delle presenze turistiche sono concentrate in poche grandi città, creando anche forti disagi (es. Venezia).
  • Molte regioni e località secondarie con flussi turistici molto inferiori rispetto al loro potenziale, con un’offerta attuale frammentata, a volte poco professionale e con standard qualitativi bassi.

WI si propone di generare, e supportare i propri partner a generare, una nuova offerta turistica di qualità e un nuovo modo di proporla

  • Presa in gestione e riqualificazione professionale di abitazioni locali autentiche e spesso inutilizzate o sottoutilizzate, dove ospitare i turisti, per conto dei proprietari.
  • Gestione professionale del check in/out degli ospiti, pulizie e manutenzione degli appartamenti, anche attraverso la creazione e sviluppo di cooperative sociali locali.
  • Servizi complementari all’ospitalità (ex. pulizie extra, babysitting, dispensa gourmet, “chef at home”, transfer e trasporti).
  • Esperienze turistiche di vita locale che facciano vivere e comprendere al turista la meraviglia dei territori, immergendolo nella cultura e nelle tradizioni locali.
  • Digitalizzazione dell'offerta abitativa ed esperienziale, tramite diverse piattaforme online (OTA) e i propri siti, per renderla visibile a chiunque abbia un accesso internet nel mondo.

Startup: Wonderful Italy scopre meraviglie nascoste e aiuta i territori



Startup: Wonderful Italy scopre meraviglie nascoste e aiuta i territori



Startup: Ridolfo (Wonderful Italy), hub turistici per sviluppo turismo



STARTUP: Wonderful Italy punta a innovare settore turismo



Wonderful Italy alla scoperta delle meraviglie nascoste d'Italia

Il Velino


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