We are local and we come from the world.

An Italian company, with solid roots in our land. We are active in Sicily and in Apulia.

We believe that wonder
is a resource for Italy, beyond the clichés.

We want to support the entrepreneurial spirit of these places and local professionals that, just like us, 
believe that tourist hospitality is a fundamental resource for their own development.

We offer the finest hospitality in houses hand-picked for you and authentic experiences in the most charming locations around Italy.

Stay with us in selected local homes, you will be welcomed warmly, and experience our hospitality and professionalism;
experience new things with passionate, real locals.

We are a reliable team, with relevant international experience, both in the tourist sector and online.

Team Wonderful Italy


Michele Ridolfo CEO and Co-Founder

Favourite experience: Magenta (Milano) - Bicycling with my family between the Navigli and Ticino river, living with local farmers in the old "cascine", as if 1000 km far from the city.


Giuliano Izzo B2C Commercial and Operations Manager

Favourite experience: Sassari (Sardinia) - experiencing the Candelieri festival with my Sardinian friends and realising how much tradition and culture can unite a city.


Chiara Ronchini Online Platforms

Favourite experience: Capo d’Otranto (Apulia) - Walking along the coast to the lighthouse at Punta Palascìa, sitting and sharing the simple immensity of that place with the others there.

Tommaso Solesin Head of Business Development

Favourite experience: Dolomiti (Trentino) - Gliding down from a small glacier seated on my backpack and then jumped in the little alpine lake, blue like the Earth, cold like a perfect chilled beer.


Simona Punzolo Administration and Management Accounting

Favourite experience: Marzamemi (Siciliy) - Discovering the magic of the past visiting an ancient village with a timeless beauty, off-season, without daily chaos and with the most important people: my family.

Hub Sicilia Occidentale


Maurizio Giambalvo Hub CEO and Co-Founder

Favourite experience: Recanati (Marche) - hanging around in Leopardi’s private library after a month of travelling around Italy by motorbike, pure Leopardian poetry.


Francesca Pellitteri Hospitality Manager

Favourite experience: Agrigento (Sicily) - trips with my grandfather to one of his friend’s farms where he taught me how to feed a baby lamb with a bottle.

Marta Anelli Experience manager

Favourite experience: Madonie (Sicily) - learning everything about fresh Sicilian cheeses from a shepherd himself.

Laura Caruso Infopoint and Hospitality

Favourite experience: Ustica (Sicily) - fishing for squid at night accompanied by a local fisherman.

Giorgia Puleo Facility Manager

Favourite experience: Sferracavallo (Sicily) - watching my son’s eyes as he becomes enthralled by an old fisherman weaving his own fishing net.

Emanuele Basile Hospitality

Favourite experience: San Vito Lo Capo (Sicily) - Diving in San Vito sea with an underwater archaeologist to discover and admire the archaeological sites of Relitti Delle Macine and Delle Anfore.


Ana Puljizevic Infopoint and Experiences

Favourite experience: Valpolicella (Veneto) - Wandering around, losing track of time, between vineyards and olive groves of that enchanting valley.

Luigi Turchetti Area Manager: Cefalù and Madonie

Favourite experience: Madonie (Sicily) - Living every year the summer in natural park of Madonie, between the limpid sea and uncontaminated woods. Sharing with friends and guests enchanting and unknown places.

Hub Puglia Centrale


Roberto Ungaro Hub CEO

Favourite experience: Ostuni (Apulia) - Enjoying the astonishment in the eyes of some German guys while they were listening to a local old lady explaining in Apulian dialect the ancient art of olive-growing.

Fabio Giorgino Hospitality Manager

Favourite experience: Ostuni (Apulia) - From Murgia to the golden beaches by mountain bike. From the sky to the sea, discovering ancient caves, century-old olives and old masseria (large farms), through scents of nature and tradition.


Enrica Bruno Experience Manager

Favourite experience: Montepulciano (Tuscany) - Climbing unstable stairs into a cave-cellar: the proud viticulturist tells his art while I'm enjoying the scent of his passion.

We have strong support and values.

We are funded and supported by Oltre Venture, the first and largest Italian Impact Investing Fund.

Consiglio di Amministrazione


Lorenzo Allevi President Wonderful Italy and CEO Oltre Venture

Favourite experience: Monte Subasio (Umbria) - trekking at night with a group of 50 teenagers coming from all over Europe.


Raffaele Fedele Advisor Wonderful Italy and Analyst Oltre Venture

Favourite experience: Regaleali (Sicily) - walking through the vineyard of a black Sicilian grape with the wine expert who grew them. A lovely glass of Nero d’Avola to top it off.


Paolo Grigolli Advisor Wonderful Italy and Manager School of Management of Tourism and Culture (TSM)

Favourite experience: Volano (Trentino) - Mirta is one of those people capable of giving a reason to live from her passion. It’s a rare privilege to be able to enter her studio and be moved whilst her work takes shape.

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