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'60s revival: Apecar tour in the alleys of Ortigia, Syracuse


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Get aboard a historic three-wheeled with a folding roof from the 1960s accompanied by a lovely driver. Discover the most beautiful alleys, squares, and buildings of the island of Ortigia. Nothing will be more relaxing, fun and magical than this classical tour.

Join the ape car tour and discover the fascinating glimpses of Ortigia Island. Sit on a comfortable three-wheeled historic Piaggio. The expert driver will let you find out the streets of the historic Syracuse. Relive the atmosphere of the legendary 60s with the Ape Calessino. Due to its small size, the Ape car wanders and on every road. With its folding roof is the ideal way to enjoy the historical-monumental and naturalistic landscapes of the beautiful island of Ortigia.

The itinerary includes some stops at the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the famous Piazza Duomo, the Maniace Castle, with the widest view on the blue sea. Explore the Jewish quarter and Fonte Aretusa.
The tour will finish near the promenade of Ortigia with a breathtaking view of the immense crystal clear sea, for the best portrait.

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  • Guided tour with driver
It does not include
  • Transfer to the meeting point
Ideal for
  • those who want to enjoy the landscape of the island of Ortigia in total relaxation.
Meeting Point
  • Wonderful Italy welcome point, Piazza Archimede 11, Syracuse

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