Nightlife in Palermo: An envisage of vibrance

Palermo is sprinkled with bars that attract the hustle and bustle that is familiar throughout the day. The vibrancy of the city does not fault during the night time. You can find bars for people with every taste, it doesn't have to be expensive but can be if you're a person envisaging a night of splendour.

Let's start with definitions:

Palermitano - A person from Palermo

Aperitivo – An ‘aperitivo’ usually happens before dinner and consists of paying for a drink that is then complimented by a free buffet. Sometimes you pay a bit more than for a simple drink but it is worth of it (it surrogates a proper dinner)

Passeggiata – A stroll amongst acquaintances and friends (Pay attention: when a Palermitano says "facciamo una passeggiata", that is, literally, "let's go for a walk" it might be... by car!)


Area: Historic Centre


Stabilimento Santa Sete

Location: Piazza Marina
A fresh ‘aperitivo’ with a great selection of wine, The bar is decorated in an alternative style that is contemporary but warm. Go to this bar if seeking a chic night out. Perfect for family and friends.


Qvivi Bar

Location: Piazza Rivoluzione
Like the bars in Palermo this bar is laid-back and informal, perfect for listening to some live local band music. The bar has perfect appetisers that allow you to unravel after a day of exploring. A perfect place for a typical ‘Aperitivo’ where you pay for a drink and eat as much food as you want.
Genre of music : Rock, jazz and blues



Location: Piazza Rivoluzione
In Revolution Square (Kalsa), the bar is located just in front of the fountain of the genius of Palermo.
You can not only enjoy drinks here but further you can enjoy the food that is typical of the area. crepes, wraps, panini, bruschetta and bruschettoni, platters of mixed meat... The ‘aperitivo’ is followed by music selected by a dj. Which invents a rich night off enjoyment.
Genre of Music: DJ



Location: Piazza Rivoluzione
This bars name has derived from the Arabic origins of the sicily, which in Arabic is Zammut (which means sambuca). in one of the most beautiful places in Palermo, the Revolution Square, at the Centre of which stands a statue of the genius of Palermo that dot the city's historic centre.
This is a cocktail bar open from happy hour to late night; the classic place to have a cocktail or a beer with friends, and frequented also by Erasmus students (with cocktails). Features on the ground floor and one on the first floor.



Location: Piazza sant’Anna
This bar is located adjacent to the impressive Baroque church. The Strength of the Monkey is that the bar offers good cocktails and draught beers that are very affordable. The bar entertains the young with concerts ranging from rock to jam session involving various musicians from the city.
Genre of music: Rock


Dada Art

Location: Via Gioiamia 20
One of the most fascinating alternative bars in Palermo, Dada Art occupies a narrow alley close to the Mercato del Capo and it is packed with vintage, waste and recycled things, furnitures, pieces of art produced by students of the local Academy of Fine Arts.



Location: Piazza Sant’Onorfrio, 39
For an exotic twist to the night, head to this bar. The bar is Arab run and plays soft music with occasional belly dance performances. Become a connoisseur by sampling the fusions and cocktails that the bar is known for.
Genre of Music: Soft


Mug – Music and Bakery

Location: Piazzetta della Canna
This bar is acclaimed to be one of the first American bars in the city, which offers contrast to the typical bars you can find. The bar and bakery is a hospitable warm atmosphere with great delicacies to try whilst accompanied by some great music.
Genre of Music: Live local



Location: Piazzetta della Canna
Malox is a lively hub for locals. At Malox the atmosphere is less sit down and dine, as on occasions local bands will set up and play their own music. The ‘aperitivo’ at Malox is usually located inside and comparable to a buffet, the ‘aperitivo’ is sought after by locals, and is usually re-supplied around every 10 minutes. (Or when the food supply is low)
Genre of music : Live local bands (folk , rock, every type)


Botteghe Colletti

Location: Via alessandro Paternostro
Located by San Francesco square the area is full of small alternative unique shops just like this bar. To get to the bar you have to walk through a medley of streets. The bar offers a typical ‘aperitivo’ and live engaging music the place is a must visit. The area is ecompassed and by the jumble of classic historical buildings which make the atmosphere bustling with life.


Area: Historic Centre - Waterfront


Kursaal Kalhesa

Location: Foro Umberto I (Palermo Waterfront)
This bar is finished to a stylish standard, the assortment of this bar is also contemporary as the bar is additionally a bookshop and a restaurant. Situated by the sea the area is fresher than most places of the city and a great area to relax in.
Genre of music: Soft


Area: Via Dante / Piazza Lolli 


Enoteca Picone

Location: Via Marconi
A historic wine bar in Palermo that looks for the best wines to serve along with the best gastronomy. The environments of this bar change with the seasons. The shelves are stocked high with more than 7,000 bottles of wine from Sicily to choose from. If you are a lover of wine this is the place you must go and see.  

Area: Politeama - Teatro Massimo




Location: Piazzetta Bagnasco

An alternative bar that offers live music in an authentic style, this restaurant / bar offers great meals and an accompaniment of drinks. A perfect place for a classy night out. The piazza the bar is located in is a more affluent part of town and this bar/restaurant is corresponding to this.
Genre of music: Live


Pasqualino - la tavernetta del buon bere

Location: Via Magliocco 64
This cosy place is located in a pedestrian street near the Teatro Massimo. Perfect for the aperitivo time, Pasqualino boasts a great selection of wines and gorgeous trays of "pane cunzato" plus 0 km local products.


Basquiat Cafè

Location: Via Sant'Oliva, 20
Close to the Teatro Politeama, Basquiat works as restaurant, aperitivo bar, tea room and more...


Area: Via Libertà

Luppolo - l'ottavo nano

Location: Via Manin 36
If you love beer, this place is a must. Uniquely devoted to beers, this bar offers probably the widest selection in town and a good aperitivo as well. You find it in Via Manin crossing the elegant via Libertà.


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