1. Beaches of Miseno and Milliscola

These are two of the most loved sandy beaches by the Neapolitans and, during the summer, they are very crowded. However, if you are visiting Napoli and your holiday home is located in the center of the Campania capital, you can reach these destinations very easily in order not to miss the opportunity to take a nice bath. The coast of the Miseno and Milliscola beaches is very long and hosts a large number of beaches equipped with the most comfortable services, such as showers, changing rooms and bars. The beach is very small so, if you do not intend to rent a deck chair and umbrella, the solution is to arrive early in the morning. In any case, the coast is perfectly enjoyable even in the late evening, since many of the shores present become, at sunset, real discos and night clubs directly on the sea.

2. Gaiola

This very small free beach is located inside the Submerged Park of Gaiola, a wonderful protected marine reserve that has an impressive cliff and two small islands connected to each other thanks to the presence of an artificial bridge. The surroundings are also characterized by the presence of the suggestive village of Marechiaro, among the most enchanting places that can be visited during a holiday in Napoli. You can safely count Gaiola at the top of the list of the most beautiful beaches near Napoli, not only for the spectacular panorama that bathers can admire but also because protected animal and plant species also live in the waters of the site. This explains, moreover, the fact that the marine area is forbidden to fishing and motorboats, while swimming is allowed only in zone B: however, the maximum number of people required, as well as the time slots that regulate the access to the coast. In particular, access to the sea is guaranteed for only one hundred people at a time, from 10:00 to 16:00, every day except Monday. Conversely, zone A is considered non-swimmable, because it enters the integral reserve. Although these limitations can make it difficult to come to bathe here, it is also thanks to these rules and the work of the numerous volunteers that even today the Parco della Gaiola manages to host a large number of protected species, as well as to preserve the characteristic crystal clear waters, which will give you one of the most satisfying baths to do around Napoli. In addition, in the Gaiola area it is possible, in addition to swimming and the opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful images of the Gulf, to practice numerous activities, such as snorkeling, kayaking and underwater visits to the submerged archaeological park.

3. Green Rocks

On the coast of Posillipo, also known as Rocce Verdi, there is a point where it is possible to make one of the most beautiful baths in Naples: here is Villa Fattorusso, which includes the homonymous bathing establishment. The place houses an equipped area directly on the shore, but also a beautiful salt pool. The name of the place is due to the particular beauty of the rocks which, thanks to the action of the sun's rays on the crystalline waters, give the same different shades of green: another of the most beautiful beaches to see in Napoli.

4. Castello di Baia beach

Baia Castle is one of the most beautiful monuments in the Neapolitan capital. In addition to the artistic and architectural interest for those who visit here, a wonderful beach near the manor, where there is a beach accessible by a small boat, also arouses attention. This beach is ideal for those in search of sandy and peaceful coasts, but it is a place to see for everyone since the suggestion of the shadows of the imposing castle on the water makes the experience of taking a bath truly unique here.

5. Bagno Elena and Lido Sirena

It is another traditional destination for Neapolitan bathers: Lido Sirena and Bagno Elena, in fact, are two historic bathing establishments located on the Posillipo coast. In addition to being very famous and appreciated, they are also equipped with excellent services that allow you to guarantee the relaxation of swimmers, such as Wi-fi, walkways-solarium and excellent catering.

6. Scoglione in Marechiaro

Once again in Marechiaro, close to the Posillipo hill, there is a large rock off the beach. Although not far away, the beach located there can only be reached by boat: this will allow you to take a quiet bath, away from the crowd normally found in Marechiaro, characterized by clear waters. An authentic pearl among the many beaches closest to Naples.

7. Schiacchietiello

Moving away from the city center and veering towards Bacoli (on the opposite side of the hill from Marechiaro), Schiacchietiello is a beach located in front of the island of Punta Pennata, characterized by the presence of tuff rocks. This site is part of the marine reserve of the Campi Flegrei Park and is an ideal place for those who want to keep away from the most crowded beaches: if you love rocky beaches and the peaceful climate that reigns in areas with unspoiled nature, this beach is really unmissable.

8. Riva Fiorita

Riva Fiorita is another wonderful Posillipo beach, a short distance from the stretch where Villa Volpicelli is located. Here there is a small promenade, surrounded by a belt of rocks, which represent the perfect springboard for diving into the blue sea.

9. Procida: Marina di Chiaiolella

If those considered so far were all beaches located near the center of Naples, wanting to move away a bit, the beauty and importance represented by the islands of the Gulf is undeniable. In particular, in Procida there is the Chiaiolella beach, the longest on the island, located between the promontory of Santa Margherita Vecchia and Punta serra, and bordering on another very large beach, Ciraccio. These are the reasons that make this coast among the most popular on the island, together naturally with a marvelous landscape, which is characterized by the alternation between vegetation spots, dark rocks and tuff stacks. From this beach, however, you can see up close the island of Vivara, which divides Procida from Ischia and is connected to the first by a bridge: this location is part of the State Natural Reserve and is practically inaccessible since it houses archaeological ruins and a large number of avian species.

10: Capri: Marina Piccola

Probably the most beautiful island in the world, Capri can be considered fully among the wonders to be admired during a beach holiday in Naples. Here, the beach of Marina Piccola represents an essential destination for swimming: the beach is made up of pebbles and is located in the southern part of the island. You can reach it thanks to the stairs that go down from Via Mulo: the walk is demanding but will reward you with an unmissable view directly on the Faraglioni.


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