Genova is a city rich in markets, which create a fascinating atmosphere no one can resist to. The markets are meeting points, where people love meeting, as well as places where you can find products of any kind.

Every neighborhood in Genova has its own market, which can be at the open air or inside. There are some covered places, which are created for peddler, so that they are not cold during winter.

Everyday, in squares and streets in Genova, vegetables, focaccia, bread, fruit, and objects are sold, and you can appreciate the perfume of the food and the colors of the fabrics.

The most famous market is the Mercato Orientale, which takes place in Via XX Settembre, with many stands where goods are exhibited, especially exotic fruit, fresh fish, and spices. The traditional markets date back to 1800, and among them there are the mercato del Carmine, di Dinegro, di Piazza Statuto and the mercatino di Via Ferro in Sestri Ponente.

Usually, some of them take place every week, while others every 15 days. You'll find clothes, accessories, and more: a perfect occasion to do shopping and walk among the city streets.

Markets in Genova and in its surroundings

The markets in Genova can be find on every day of the week.


On monday, in the city, there is the market in Piazza Palermo, as well as in Piazza Dinegro. The markets in Molassana, in Via Isola del Vescovo, in Bolzaneto and Pegli also take place on monday.


On tuesday, the markets take place in Piazza Parenzo, Piazza Giusti, via Anzani, Cornigliano and Largo Lanfranco. There are also the markets in Bogliasco in Piazza 26 Aprile, on Via Trieste in Campo Ligure, and on Via Trieste in Campomorone: all of them take place in the morning.


On wednesday, there are the markets in Via Cesarea, via Tortosa, Piazza Terralba and Via Certosa. All of them take place in the morning, including the one in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci.


On thursday, in the morning, you can walk among the markets in Piazza Palermo, Piazza Dinegro, Bolzaneto, Pegli, Via Emilia and Via Anzani. In Busalla, the markets are in Piazza Volombo and in Cogoleto there are markets in Piazzale San D'Acquisto, Piazzale Generale Dalla Chiesa and Lungomare Bianchi. In Lavagna, there is the market in Piazza Vittorio Veneto. In Rapallo, on the seafront, there are many peddlers, especially near Rotonda Marconi and Giardini Giuseppe Verdi.


On friday, the Genoese markets take place in Piazza Tre Ponti, Piazzale Parenzo, Piazza Giusti and Via Gorizia. The same stands for Campo Ligure in Via Trieste, meanwhile in Rossignone Inferiore you can find some markets on Via Caduti Libertà. In Chiavari, on the streets of the historical center, you can find the typical market, as it happens in Arenzano and in Santa Margherita Ligure. Each one of them takes place in the morning.

In Pontedecimo, in Piazza Arimondi and in Ronco Scrivia in Via N. Sauro, there are markets that make the city atmosphere joyful with their perfumes and their colors.

In Genova, on saturday, there are the markets of Via Tortosa in Genova, Piazza Terralba, Via Certosa and Piazza Leonardo da Vinci. Genova shows its markets also in Piazza Fontane Marose, where you can find typical products, clothes and shoes. In Sestri Levante, on saturday, in Piaza Aldo Moro you can find one of the most loved markets.

On sunday, you can freely walk among the market of Moneglia, breathing the beautiful sunday air.

Local markets in Genova

The markets are an interesting occasion for those who travel to Genova, as they can get to know the city and get in contact with the place.

Every peddler offers a great variety of offers and special promotions, which are shown to the public with the typical market screams. The market is a folk attraction that offers great fun to the public.

The joyful and happy atmosphere on the streets and in the squares takes place every week so that people can find typical Ligurian products and the latest news from the market.

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